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Why a good saddle helps ride properly

Buying a riding saddle is not easy. It is necessary to define its expectations and its budget. In addition, the test of a saddle can be considered to reinforce its decision. It is not only in relation to the price that one judges the quality of a riding saddle but especially to its adaptation to the horse and to you. Without this suitability your position could negatively affect the comfort of your mount. Of course,, expert in used saddles, will bring you all its expertise on the choice and the purchase of such equipment and its accessories (calipers, stirrups and straps). To help you choose your saddle, we make available on our website a buying guide by brand telling you what the strengths of each one are.

The challenge for the rider

The saddle must ensure stability and relaxation. Whether the saddle is a new saddle or a used saddle, it represents a major stake for the rider because sitting on it, it plays on the quality of its position and its plate. And because the riders are all physically different, a model may be perfect for your friend but not for you (and vice versa). Riding with a saddle that suits you will have a positive impact on your legs, your seat, your back, your plate, in short: your position as a whole! Feel free to visit us and get the appropriate saddle for you and your horse.

The challenge for the horse

If the challenge to ride with a suitable saddle is great for the rider, it is even more so for the horse! Why? Because the saddle emits pressure on his back. If these pressures are positioned in the wrong places, the saddle will cause pain and if the horse is in pain ... it will not be able to perform correctly what the rider asks him to do. But if the saddle is adapted the horse will be relaxed and will follow to all your orders.

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