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Which saddle size to choose ?

The comfort of a rider on his mount is very important if he wants to ensure stability and ease of execution during races. The saddle ensures contact between the rider and the horse. Therefore, the size of a saddle is the guarantee of the performance of this denier. You have to know how to choose the right sizes for these stools.

The basic principles

It is necessary to choose the size of the saddle according to the physics of the rider and that of his horse, why? Because the saddle ensures the stability of both during a race. The morphology of the horse determines the size of the arch in front of the saddle and the padding must conform to its shape. The opening of the arcade is correct if one can easily pass the hand between the pommel and the tourniquet of the animal. Then, as far as the rider's morphology is concerned, there are different sizes of seats measured in inches or centimeters. The size of the seat is according to the age of the rider. For children under 1,60m, the 15 to 16 inch stool is suitable. Up to 17 inches, the stool is reserved for teenagers around 1.70 m. The 17.5 inches are for adults measuring up to 1.80m and finally the more than 18 inches have been created especially for tall people measuring over 1.85m. The risk of using an inadequate saddle is that it can cause complications for the horse and his / her master.

How to be sure of the correct saddle size?

The choice of saddle size depends on the rider and his animal. How do we know that the right saddle size is right for us? It's simple! You must know your height and the measurement of the back of your horse. Nor should we hesitate to seek advice from professional saddler websites. For example, the site offers personalized advice for customers who want help choosing the equipment that best suits their standards. The good news is that these companies offer trial periods to test if the saddle really suits.

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