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Top of the range used saddles on offer

Choosing your riding saddle is an important time for you and your horse. Equitack, your upholstery online, has selected for you a complete range of riding saddles! So why not opt for used saddles?

Check before buying

If you buy a used saddle in a good saddlery, there is a good chance that the pros have already verified that the saddle is still in use. But if you buy it elsewhere, it's possible that the person does not have the necessary knowledge to determine if the saddle is good for the job, especially from the point of view of safety. Keep in mind that the only way to be sure that a saddle has a broken tree is to show it to a saddler who will remove the panels and go see what happens in it.

The types of verification to be done

First, observe the saddle carefully, either by placing it on a pommel horse or with the pommel on the ground and the cantle in the hand. Determine roughly the center of the trumpet, and check that everything seems normal in relation to this point. Do not buy, if the center of the pommel and the center of the trunk, are not aligned, because the tree of this saddle is crooked.

Used saddles in classifieds

Between the used saddle sufficient for occasional use and the high quality saddle for further need, there is always a bargain to be found among horse saddle advertisements. The ads will be classified by type of saddle, because there are as many types of saddle as passions through riding.

So, for all that is expensive, the used market is an interesting consumption habit. In terms of riding equipment and especially the saddle, we must consider a few circumstances when we embark on the purchase of a used saddle without going through a professional.

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