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The top brands for horse saddles

Not easy to make a top of the best brands of horse saddles. The best saddle will always be the saddle that's best adapted to your couple rider/horse. We cannot speak about saddles without mentioning the equestrian discipline practised by the rider (jumping, dressage, trail ride, western ...).

The top of the best brands

If it is to do a bit of everything, all-purpose saddle is the right thing to have. Today all saddlers do this kind of saddle. A versatile saddle suits to all the types of riding. So, its semi-deep and rather wide seat makes it pleasant for walks on flat ground, and its flap slightly tilted in front allows to accompany you to overcome obstacles. It is a saddle any use said "mixte" with which you will have a good position for the work. It is ideal for the practice in club. In the bottom of the range you find Henri de Rivel and Terrys who are not too bad. In the average range, Forestier, Bates ... makes saddles for more or less the same prices : it is necessary to count 1000 dollars. At the top of range, Antares, CWD, Delgrange, Devoucoux, Buttet, Childeric ... prices are high but the quality is there. The advantage with the famous saddlers such as Antares, CWD, Delgrange, Devoucoux... it is that you can try saddles and take time, while on the other marks you can only try them on the easel. If your budget allows it you, it is advised to you to go to see at the top of range to find saddles which will last longer.

The brand Antares proposes excellent all-purpose saddles. For low budgets, we recommend to buy a used saddle. You can find all-purpose saddles of the brand Antares in very good state in the online shop EQUITACK. So look at antares saddles, here !

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