Publié le 22 Décembre 2016 à 11h59 - 1619 v.

The real magic of winter horseriding

Most horse lovers go horseback riding during the dry and warm season, at least during the cool of spring. Yet considering horseback riding in winter also seems to be a very good thing. The cause would be just that the winter also offers magic thanks to this neutral and sullen landscape but which is brightened by the deaf sounds of the galloping horse on the ground full of ice.

Riding in winter?

Horse riding in winter seems to be a somewhat absurd idea for some and yet it is a good alternative to yesterday's sports. First being a sport, running in the cold helps to give the muscles tone even if it is not really possible to make tests and efforts too abrupt with his animal. Afterwards, it is also an opportunity to meet nature in the winter as it is not common to go in the woods and in some places when it is cold or when it is snowing. It is therefore very interesting to see these places quite distant that we used to see in summer but that seems to be dull with the icy cold. Like what, winter can also be magical or even more pleasant than the other seasons when the riders know how to do it and especially if they are equipped for the occasion.

Be prepared for the winter

Horseback riding in winter can actually be a wonderful experience, but there are some precautions or even some obligations to take. Above all, the rider must be the best equipped. It is not only the used french saddles that it will have to use for a security question but also clothes and costumes that go with it. It is therefore important that the body of the rider is isolated, wearing fine sweaters inside his clothes but also by putting clothes in soft leather, leather boots and obviously gloves. As for the horse, it does not really need much physical preparation. Indeed, it has an innate power of self-insulation with a double layer of hair that will bristle when it is really too cold which creates good insulation for the animal.

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