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The long French equestrian culture

Horseback riding and France have always looked good. After all, it's a story of love between the equestrian activity and French history. As much to know about it when we know that riding is, today, a passion in its own right. It affects, moreover, a lot of French at the moment. It is a question of practice, of knowledge, but also of use.

The origin of horseback riding

Since its conception, riding has translated as the use of the horse in multiple forms. Whether for hunting, war, portage or traction. It is in Asia that riding was born and that during the high antiquity. It was later that the horse was imported into China, Western Asia and Europe and Africa by nomadic herders. Moreover, the first representation of a rider appeared in the second millennium BC. It was the Hyksos who introduced the horses to Egypt about 1730 years before our era. The Syrian archers appeared in the 7th century BC. Let us also note that France is the forerunner of learned cavalry. It can be said unequivocally that this type of literature has no equal in the whole world. In the last four hundred years, France has fully defended the very foundations of horsemanship.

A practice have know-how at all levels

Since antiquity, horsemanship has not stopped evolving giving what it is today. It is a practice accessible to all and offers good time to all the amateurs. It has evolved over time to diversify both in practice and in accessories such as the used french saddles. We can now have many disciplines on horseback riding if we only quote equestrian races, trotting or equestrian shows. These are all practices that have been designed to offer moments of pleasure to all enthusiasts. In addition, many accessories have also emerged in the face of this practice. Each accessory aims to increase the comfort of all practitioners while increasing safety.

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