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Make sure you have a comfortable ride

Riding can be fun but dangerous experience if the rider does not adopt the proper posture. And it is not necessary to mention that a good position is essential if you want to break the record during a competition. Indeed, winning a race does not just depend on the rider's experiences nor on the performance of his horse, comfort is also involved.

Running easily on a horse

Well riding depends on a good relationship between the rider and the animal. As a result, it is necessary to be able to adopt the right actions. The first thing to do and most important is to stay calm because if you are intimidated or scared, your horse will feel it too. This will help create a relationship of mutual trust between the rider and his mount. Then you have to find your balance. Back straightened and casual, take the time to find the correct position and that puts at ease in order to maintain a balance in any circumstance. A good position of the legs is also paramount as this will allow to control and direct the mount. Certainly, it is important to follow the right techniques but never forget that it is also a matter of comfort.

Everything is in the accessory

During a race, the horse must be the best equipped and there is different accessory for horse. The saddle remains the most important because it ensures the contact between the rider and the animal. Therefore, it is imperative to choose this equipment if you want to climb comfortably. There are various types of saddle according to the discipline practiced, nevertheless, it is always easier to use the fine used saddles that is to say good opportunities because the leathers of new saddles are considered to be less tender at the beginning and Too rigid. And before buying your equipment, you should know that each morphotype corresponds to a kind of saddle, so choose saddles at its convenience because comfort comes first. Although safety also prevails, this is why you have to be demanding in relation to this saddle that ensures safety, balance and success in a race or just for a ride.

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