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How about the quality of used saddles

Beyond the pleasure which it gives to its rider, the saddle is an otherwise essential and very important element to ride. As the riding can be a real pleasure in good conditions, as the inconvenience will be important if the comfort is not there.
The saddle must be so adapted to your morphology but also to that of your horse. Furthermore, even if it is an obvious fact, the saddle has to correspond to the discipline which you practise, or in defect to be multi-purpose to allow you to rise in good conditions.

Finally, all the riders know well it, a saddle must be maintained well, cleaned and greased regularly by concerns to keep it of numerous years (the purchase of a good saddle is often an important investment), but also by respect for your horse : to ride a horse well groomed with clean equipment should be the minimum attention of every rider.

How about the quality of used saddles

I remain convinced that a good used saddle that has been maintained and reviewed by a saddler is the best quality / price ratio. One used saddle with good quality, it is primarily a leather saddle that hasn't known damage. It's also a saddle of famous saddlers : Antares, Devoucoux, CWD, Delgrange, Butet, Childeric, Hermes, etc. Indeed, these saddlers use the best French and European leathers. In addition, there are no more discount for good quality saddles, from a certain age. Of course it is necessary to maintain them correctly so that they do not damage. To be not disappointed by a used saddle, the saddle has to be revised by a professional saddler. It is an absolute condition. It is the guarantee that the e-shop gives you, and the on-line sites of the big saddlers, also.

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