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Get top quality used saddles here !!

The saddle is one of the essential accessories for horseback riding. It allows you to enjoy the horse in the best conditions. That’s why, to help you enjoy your horse, we have selected quality used saddles and we offer you these tools at the best price.

Find all types of used saddles

Buying a saddle depend of what kind of equestrian disciplines you want to do. Indeed, for each type of discipline there is a type and a size of saddle. This is how you will find saddles for jumping, dressage, combined riding, flat racing, endurance or horseball. Each equestrian sport required a specific saddle for its practice. Whether leather or synthetic material, you will find here fine used saddles for horseback riding. These accessories have been refurbished because we want to offer you a high quality product. Even used, they will be used for riding for many years. Used saddles are a good investment for horseback riding fans, especially for those who don’t make it an occupation.

We provide you saddles from great saddlers

Not all riders can buy a new saddle, especially great brand one. Among our used saddles, you will find products from the greatest saddlers around the world. You will surely find your dream saddle here. So, we provide you high quality product from great saddlers such as CWD, Delgrange, Devoucoux or Antares. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy a great brand saddle for your equine. Most of these accessories are handmade and benefit from secular workmanship. That’s why these saddles are unique and high quality products. They are made to last, and you will offer to your horse or your pony right accessory.

So, if you’re looking for the best saddle for your horse and you don’t have substantial budget, you will find here high quality used saddles. These products come from the greatest manufacturers and we sell it at the best price.

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