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Choosing the perfect stool for your horse

In addition to choosing the horse, choosing an appropriate seat is essential to practice of riding comfortably and safely. If the saddle does not fit, athletic performance can suffer, and worse, disrupt and hurt the horse rider.

The characteristic of the saddle

When choosing a saddle, you must consider the discipline will be exercised, because each has its specifications. In general, the chair should allow better contact with the horse and comfort for the rider. The structure of this type of chair is generally rounded and the skirts are inclined forwardly in order to allow better adhesion of the rider and maintain balance.

Material, leather or synthetic?

The synthetic material is cheaper than leather, it is easy to clean and dry before in case of rain. Synthetic saddles are those usually used in riding lessons for their price and maintenance.

Leather is a noble material, more aesthetic, and is one that has been traditionally used for fine used saddle. If you receive proper care, leather can last long. The only drawback is that it takes longer to dry than synthetic in case of rain.

Other Tools

An inadequate mouth may be the starting point for physical or work-related problems. When a horse has symptoms of discomfort such as sabotage, snagging, shaking of the head, running, raising hands, lifting the head, etc., this is usually due to the incorrect action of the net on the type of the horse's mouth.

For size

For proper adjustment, each side of the mouth should be 3 to 5 mm to avoid excessive pressure. An effective trick is to move the net so that it exceeds that on one side and to check that the width of a finger is reduced. Regarding the regulation of the amounts, the ideal height is obtained by creating two corners bend lips with mouth closed and when the horse opens his mouth.

The rest will follow according to the morphology of the horse, but these are the main points for this choice of equestrian equipment.

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